Authenticate your lab results in 60 seconds for a Digital Health Pass.

You can now verify your COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) lab results and share authenticated proof of your antibody and test results.

By creating certified PDFs directly from a trusted source, such as your lab’s website, DIRO’s original documents provides a Digital Health Pass that verifies your COVID-19 status. This trusted document can be shared and used by any Government, Company, or Individual that you decide to share it with.

DIRO is the only solution (patents-pending) which provides an irrefutable evidence of trust that can be used as an original document and therefore serve as a Digital Health Pass.

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DIRO Original

Enter the web address of your laboratory or provider that performed your COVID-19 antibody and/or virus test.

Instant verification of COVID-19 test results:

  You need the following:
  • Access to your laboratory or provider’s test results online.
  • Result that verifies your COVID-19 antibody and/or virus status
  • Exact spelling of your name and date of birth as it appears on the test result.

What you will receive

You will receive an email with a PDF that holds your captured information together with a Certificate of Origin (includes forensic data how the information was captured). As we captured your information directly from the original source (lab company), in a secure execution environment, DIRO 100% guarantees the authenticity of this PDF.

You can then share this PDF with any Government, Company, or Individual. It will provide a Digital Health Pass with your COVID-19 antibody and/or virus status.

DIRO Certificate of origin

Diro promise


In 60 seconds, verify your COVID-19 antibody and/or virus status.


Full coverage – any country, any laboratory around the world.


Receive a trusted and sharable document, hence a Digital Health Pass.


Only you decide with whom you share your Digital Health Pass with.

Who might require a Digital Health Pass

  •   Airlines for employees and travelers
  •   Avoid quarantine when entering a country
  •   Hospital workers with high exposure
  •   First responders
  •   Employment in high-risk industries
  •   Applying for visas and travel documents
  •   Insurance application
  •   To receive certain payouts and benefits

What is a Digital Health Pass?

A document that certifies that someone is free from COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) by performing an antibody test and a virus test. The former will check whether the person has had a previous encounter with the virus and their immune system responded accordingly by producing antibodies. The latter will check if there’s any active infection going on, with the virus still present in the person. The person will get a Digital Health Pass if the antibody test is positive (competent immune response) or a negative test result.

Once issued, this document could be a requirement to allow the holder to go back to work or travel. Given that the person is proven free from the disease.

immunity passport

Privacy concerns with Digital Health Pass

One of the biggest concern with a Digital Health Pass is around privacy. As a society we don’t want a central database (private or government) to get pinged every time we use our Digital Health Pass. The reason for this is the risk of mass surveillance.

Instead, the issuance and use of a Digital Health Pass has to be decentralized. DIRO provide this feature for its original documents and a Digital Health Pass. Therefore, we don’t record, store, or share any of the captured documents – you have the only copy.

How is this possible? We use blockchain technology to verify the authenticity of each document by storing its digital fingerprint (hash) on the blockchain for verification. This digital fingerprint does not contain any personal information, it’s simply a key that can verify the authenticity of a document.

fingure print

Preparedness and updates

Learn more about COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) from experts in public health, infectious disease, and emergency preparedness. We have listed some of the world’s leading and trusted organizations and their COVID-19 resource pages below. Some of these organizations have addressed the idea of a Digital Health Pass.

World health organization
Johns Hopkins University