Start using - within 10 minutes

  • 1. Signup on the client portal.
  • 2. Select country as DEMO for a sandbox and a normal account for production.

Requesting document

  • 1. Go to Request Documents
  • 2. Choose what type of verification you need (from the 3 default buttons).
  • 3. Send request via email
  • 4. The user can click on the link in the email requesting the verification and simply take screenshots.

View documents

  • 1. In the client portal and go to “View Documents”.
  • 2. The latest pending documents will come on the top.


  • 3. When a user completes verification the Admin will get an email notification.
  • 4. The admin can then click on the link in the email to view the document.

Customise your verification buttons (or add a new)

  • To change the default behaviour or create your new buttons please go to settings and choose the button you want to modify. You can add or change the verification fields based on your requirements or create a new button from scratch.

  • Using existing buttons
  • 1. Please go to Request documents and press “Settings” on any button
  • 2. Or simply add a new button
  • 3. Setup the button based on your requirements

  • You may use the same button on your website directly instead of inviting customers via email for higher security. It’s very simple to add this to your own customer web portal (see basic integration).

    Basic intergration (takes approximately 2 hours)

  • Simple add buttons to your website or app for customer onboarding of any other customer facing workfloww using Javascript or APIs

  • A simple button can be added by copy-pasting code from the button configuration screen. The code automatically creates the user and allows you to access the documents from the client portal.
  • How Diro works

Add verification button to website

Receive status with callback function

  • Go to Account management and then choose the call back tab. Configure your Call back URL here.
  • Example

Advanced integration

  • Best used for
  • 1. Customer account creation
  • 2. Document fetching – on-premise storage
  • 3. Custom notifications

  • Fetch documents into your CRM - in 2 hours
  • 1. Whenever you view any original PDF under the view documents, you may right click and choose to save the PDF locally.