Proof of Address. Create bank-grade verification in 60 seconds.

You can now verify your address online by creating certified PDFs directly from a trusted source, such as your utility company.

DIRO is the only solution (patents-pending) which provides a irrefutable evidence of trust that can be used as an original document.

We guarantee that your proof of address meets bank-grade verification standards, or you get the money back!

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Electricity, broadband internet, water, cable, landline telephone, gas, or other utility that is physically connected to your home.

Instant address verification
$9 per document

  You need the following:
  • Access to your utility company online.
  • A utility bill that is in your name
  • The address that you need to prove

What you will receive

You will receive an email with a PDF that holds your captured information together with a Certificate of Origin (includes forensic data how the information was captured). As we captured your information directly from the original source (your utility company), in a secure execution environment, DIRO 100% guarantees the authenticity of this PDF.

$10,000 guarantee per document!

Each of DIRO’s documents are backed by a $10,000 guarantee that the document is authentic and comes directly from the original source.

What are the benefit


In 60 seconds, verify your proof of address


Receive a sharable document (PDF) that 100% guarantees its authenticity.


Money back guarantee! If the requester (for any reason) does not accept DIRO’s Certificate of Origin.

Examples of when your need proof of address

  •   Opening up a new bank account
  •   Renewing or issuing driver’s license
  •   Renewing or issuing passport
  •   New employment and contracts
  •   Applying for schools and universities
  •   Applying for visas and travel documents
  •   Insurance applications
  •   To receive certain payouts and benefits