Document verification

Authenticate documents from private and government sources.

DIRO can instantly verify online documents with automated user consent and impersonation check in 195 countries.

With user consent, get verified documents from any third party web source including government portals. We capture documents directly from the original web source such as statements, certificates, and reports.

The output is a machine-readable JSON file together with data provenance, as well as the original document for compliance.

DIRO’s API allows for real-time verifications that can be directed to your decision engine for automation and improved user experience for both consumers and enterprise clients.

Bank statement
Directly from bank source
Directly from payroll source
Tax return
Directly from gov. source
Insurance document
Any insurance company
Credit report
Directly from credit bureaus
Mortgage statement
Bank depository data
Pension statement
Directly from pension source
Unemployment benefits
Directly from gov. source
Medical records
Any medical record online
Utility bill
Directly from utility source
Education credentials
Any university. Any country
Driver license
Directly from gov. source
Trade finance
Directly from verified source
Off-shore service
Banking, legal, other services
Employment verification
Directly from trusted source
eVisa verification
Directly from gov. source
Real estate
Authenticate trusted records

Instant online document verification

DIRO online document verification is the perfect solution for banks and non-bank financial institutions to reduce cost, effort, and mistakes, while simultaneously enhancing the overall customer experience. With DIRO’s verification of online documents, it’s easy for banks, lending and mortgage companies, payment providers, and fintech to comply with KYC, KYB, and AML laws.

Our online document verification technology provides instantaneous and real-time verification of documents including bank account verification, bank statement verification, proof of address documents, tax return verification, identity verification, and more. With 44,000 banks, 9,000 utility companies, and 700 government sources, DIRO is a one-stop online verification solution with coverage in 195 countries.

Enhanced KYC, KYB, and AML compliance

With instant domestic- and international verification of online documents, banks and non-bank financial institutions can enhance the customer experience by cutting down the onboarding time. With DIRO online document verification, you can enhance your KYC, KYB, and AML compliance and at the same time improve the user experience.

Document fraud prevention

With real-time online verification of documents, DIRO is an effective fraud prevention solution. Banks, lending and mortgage companies, payment providers, and fintech can prevent document fraud. Our solution can verify source of funds, bank statements, ID documents, utility bills, tax return, incorporation documents, and more. With data directly from the source, DIRO eliminates fake, tampered, and stolen documents to entering your onboarding workflow.

Document verification with global coverage

DIRO can verify all types of online documents. By verifying online documents directly from the source, DIRO provides data that equals an API call to 44,000 banks, 9,000 utility companies, and 700 government sources. Online documents such as PDF, Word, Excel, CSV, etc., gets converted into a machine-readable JSON file that can be fed into your decision engine for real-time onboarding. DIRO is the only solution that provides accurate verification of online documents at customer onboarding with coverage in 195 countries.

Detect fabricated documents

DIRO’s patented technology for online verification of documents prevents fake, tampered, and stolen documents. With user consent, our solution captures documents directly from the source which eliminates tampering.

Features of DIRO online document verification

Fraud prevention
DIRO online document verification prevents all kinds of document fraud. Ensuring a higher level of security and compliance.
Improved customer experience
Cut down onboarding times and verify documents instantly to provide customers with the best possible user experience.
Open Banking API
Online document verification API can be integrated with any process to improve the workflow of document verification.
Reduced costs
When you verify documents online, you reduce the need for manual verification. Which in turn leads to fewer mistakes and lower costs.

Improved level of security with document verification

DIRO’s online document verification ensures speed during the customer onboarding process. To make the workflow more secure, financial institutions, regulated and non-regulated entities, need to adopt technology. Online verification makes sure that organizations can prevent fake and stolen documents during onboarding. Businesses can enhance and automate KYC, KYB, and AML regulatory compliance with DIRO. With DIRO’s online document verification solution you will improve the user experience with real-time decisions, full automation, and enhanced level of security.