DIRO FAQs Overview


Yes, DIRO provides a provable, reportable and auditable evidence that is immutable and 100% fraud proof. The whole process and document is end-to-end cryptographically verifiable and mathematically provable along with the original source. The technology has been appreciated by 3 of the G7 regulators and won multiple global awards. DIRO is part of UK FCA sandbox, it won top 10 emerging technologies from Indian regulator and also being used by regulated companies in US, UK and European countries. In fact to the contrary it is much harder to prove if a physical document is not tempered than a document provided using DIRO technology.
DIRO uses various forensic parameters that ensure that the document is from the authentic source. The DIRO fraud engine includes tracing the IP address, whitelisting the domains and SSL certificates, trusted execution environment, NTP synchronized time stamp of the session and screenshots and many other parameters to provide the world's strongest Original Documents on the Internet.


DIRO is a patent pending technology that can not only prove that an online document is absolutely original and also that it is not stolen. It works across all countries, languages, government, institutions, banks etc. It's the world's strongest and fastest way of proving authenticity of a document and related identity.
DIRO captures data in a digitally native HTML format. This eliminates the need for OCR which is prone to recognition errors. Since, DIRO has perfect digital copies, it becomes possible to auto translate pages with high confidence, which is otherwise not possible to do on OCR data.
DIRO works on all browsers and both mobile platforms, i.e., IOS and Android. It works without any users having to download any plugin or APP.
DIRO works across all countries and with most popular languages like English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Hindi, etc. Further, it is able to translate documents from over 100s of languages into English.


The blockchain allows for a decentralized immutable timestamp and a way for any third-party to verify the PDF authenticity anonymously. This helps eliminating centralized mass-surveillance (typically known as the phone-home-problem). Further, the blockchain provides the ability to make these documents unique by creating them as non-fungible token.
DIRO provides a list of global websites in each country for each type of documents, e.g., Voter, Birth and Driving License registries, Credit agencies, Banks, Telephone, Electricity, Water and Gas companies, Tax and License authorities, Corporate registries, Chambers of commerce etc. This helps users to easily find the most contextually relevant website in their country. This allows DIRO to determine if the website used to capture the page is itself authentic. DIRO tracks multiple parameters like website ranking and reach, its IP address, SSL root verification, trace routes to ensure that the page being captures is in fact genuine.
Every document captured by DIRO is encrypted by a unique token. The token is then encrypted by the public key of the user or the bank. Using this allows DIRO to decentralize the documents and provide privacy to the users. The documents stored in DIRO's servers are always encrypted with no common password.

Get Started

DIRO is built on micro-services-architecture with 100s of APIs. It includes all users, documents and session integrations and management. A comprehensive list of public APIs are available on swagger inside the business admin panel. These APIs may not be required to go live.
Yes, DIRO provides multiple levels of integrations and SDK for all platforms including mobile apps on IOS and Android.
DIRO does not recommend installing private servers but in case of large banks and or regulatory requirement is may be required.
The pricing is per document stamp or verification. The SDK is free and any integration is free.
Absolutely! You can create a custom DIRO button and add it to any of your workflows. It could be inside the bank's website or app. You may alternatively create a custom workflow in HTML and publish it using DIRO.
Most websites allow users to register a new user or otherwise recover password by answering a few questions or using their registered mobile or email address.
The technology is especially useful in places there is high risk of fraud. Especially in KYC for preventing money laundering, credit risk, insurance claims, or any high value transactions.
DIRO's business model is a B2B2C with SaaS and APIs. It provides a simple button that can be added to any existing customer facing workflow with minimal integration. The pricing works on per document stamp with a monthly minimum.


The traditional penny drop verification takes days to complete and yet does not verify the exact ownership details. This not only adds compliance risks but also adds friction. The problem is getting bigger as more banks adopt challenge questions or multi-factor authentication. DIRO replaces this process with a simple screenshot verifications that can be completed by users in under a minute. It proves an immutable evidence in a PDF that can be kept as record for regulators and external auditors.
Basically the core reason for trade finance to exist is because there is a lack of trust between Importer and Exporter. They buyer does not accept electronic documentation on email directly because there is a potential for them to be photoshopped. This ends up costing days and adds risk and costs associated to verification. On the other hand, an electronic trade transaction would require all participants to be part of the ecosystem. However the minimum viable ecosystem for this is too large. Without a strong proof or quantity, quality, insurance, origin etc ... it is not possible to digitize the industry. DIRO is a unique possible way to solve the minimum viable ecosystem for such platforms and do not need bilateral participation.
DIRO does 2 new things that have no other alternatives 1. Global Impersonation checks 2. Universal Original Documents from any global source, DIRO provides Internet original documents that are 100% fraud proof and are in fact equivalent or stronger than apostille, notary, attestations or even in-person verification. This makes the process at least 100x faster and safer for banks and customers. It makes the whole KYC process provable, reportable and audit-able. The technology provides on-the-fly certified language translations on documents that makes international KYC auditable, simple and manageable for regulated businesses, regulators and the customers. DIRO’s multi-factor/source authentication using two such original documents provides a stronger and more manageable alternative to Video KYC.
DIRO makes it possible for insurance companies to automate claim submissions and processing via a self-service portal. It not only reduces the amount of fraud but also reduces cost while improving customer experience with instant turn-around.