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How Identity Verification is Set to Replace Notaries?

Even in the legal industry, constant innovation is changing how basic work is handled. The latest technology is reshaping traditional practices and bringing forth the use of time-saving and efficient practices. One change we’re witnessing in the legal industry is the slow but imminent replacement of notaries. Why? Because businesses everywhere are relying on the […]

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id verification replace notaries

Common Challenges with Video Chat Identity Verification

Video chat identity verification has become an increasingly popular method for online identity verification. Businesses from all over the world use video calls to verify the identities of consumers before onboarding them. Video chat ID verification is a convenient way to confirm someone’s identity by comparing their face to a government ID. But while it […]

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Video Chat Identity verification

Using Artificial Intelligence to Counter Financial Fraud

As the financial industry has focused on integrating technology into its offerings, they have been plagued by financial fraud. Financial fraud significantly threatens individuals, businesses, and economies worldwide. As fraud evolves, financial institutions must leverage the latest tech as a countermeasure. One of those latest technologies includes artificial intelligence to detect financial fraud. In this […]

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artificial intelligence to prevent financial fraud

What is AML Screening and Its Importance for Businesses

Anti-money laundering methods are becoming a part of almost every country’s financial guidelines. Governments have highlighted rules and regulations on how companies must approach AML efforts.  AML is crucial for businesses to prevent financial fraud. An important part of AML regulation is “AML Screening”. In this guide, we’ll be breaking down what are AML screening […]

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aml screening for business

Malware-Based Phishing Attacks and Effective Countermeasures

In today’s digitally driven world, phishing attacks have evolved into sophisticated and malicious schemes that target unsuspecting individuals and organizations. One particularly insidious form of phishing is malware-based phishing, where attackers use malicious software to steal sensitive information or gain unauthorized access to systems. In this guide, we’ll delve into what malware-based phishing entails and […]

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malware-based phishing attack

What is Mobile ID Verification?

In today’s digital landscape, mobile identity verification emerges as a cornerstone of security and convenience. As the world rapidly shifts towards online interactions, understanding what mobile ID verification is and how it works becomes paramount. Embracing Mobile ID Verification Mobile ID verification is a cutting-edge method that utilizes smartphones to confirm an individual’s identity. By […]

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A Comprehensive Guide to Global Identity Verification

As consumers of today have access to services across the globe, businesses need to rely on global identity verification solutions to maintain security. Global Identity verification is crucial in verifying the identity of individuals globally. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the Global identity verification process and its importance for businesses. Breaking Down Global […]

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What is Facial Recognition?

With most of the services going online and you as a user having to prove your identity at every step, identity verification solutions have become a crucial part of the process. The sensitive nature of today’s transactions requires sophisticated identity verification methods. In this guide, we’ll break down facial recognition, what is it, and how […]

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How Bitcoin is Used for Money Laundering?

Bitcoin, the world’s first decentralized digital currency, has gained immense popularity since its inception in 2009. Initially hailed as a revolutionary alternative to traditional currencies, Bitcoin’s anonymity and decentralized nature have also made it an attractive tool for illicit activities, including money laundering. Introduction to Bitcoin Bitcoin operates on a peer-to-peer network, utilizing blockchain technology […]

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The Definitive Guide to Customer Re-Verification

In an era marked by increasing concerns about identity theft, fraud, and regulatory compliance, customer re-verification is becoming incredibly significant. Over time, reverification has become a key aspect of customer KYC and KYB practices. It helps businesses and customers maintain ongoing trust and security in business relationships. While re-verification is essential, it also poses multiple […]

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