How to Get a Proof of Address in The UK?

Opening a new bank account or applying for a loan? The first thing that you need to prove is your address. One of the primary things to do is to provide valid proof of address in the UK. Specific documents are needed to prove your ID, such as a passport, a driving license, or by […]

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how to get a proof of address in the uk

Is Online Document Verification for Digital Services More Important Than Ever?

The process of digitization is growing widely. Even the global smartphone users have reached up to 2.9 billion, and the number is rapidly growing. More and more customers are demanding faster digital services like online banking. Nearly 40% of all customers are more likely to obtain a particular digital service from businesses they are associated […]

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why do need online document verification

KYC: How Does KYC Complement ID Verification Process?

It is crucial for businesses to know their employees and it is even more crucial to know who their customers and clients are. KYC (Know-Your-Customer) is a vital regulation component for any business to reduce fraud. It is a process that helps to identify and verify customers and whom they claim to be.  Especially for […]

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id verification process

Customer Verification: Why Do Online Businesses Need to Know Their Customers?

The online landscape is rapidly changing how businesses interact with their customers and vice-versa. Businesses have been realizing quickly how important digital methods of connectivity are. Digital space providers are ever-growing in industries like e-commerce, finance, and social media. Customer needs are evolving and they utilize the newfound convenience of digital methods like online shopping […]

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what is customer verification

5 Trends that Ensure Digital Identity Verification is Crucial in Digital Age

Organizations have been making their switch to digital services for a long time, the pandemic brought a drastic change in the trend. One common change is how we access our financial services online. As most people are looking forward to returning their lives to the pre-pandemic era, digital channels and services are necessary. It is […]

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digital identity verification trends

What is Synthetic Identity Fraud? How it Impacts Businesses?

Out of all the online frauds, synthetic identity fraud is one of the fastest-growing threats in the U.S. Traditional methods of detection and prevention of fraud are failing when it comes to synthetic ID fraud. Synthetic identity fraud is a type of fraud where fraudsters combine fake and real information such as real stolen social […]

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what is synthetic identity fraud

5 Must-Know Anti-Fraud Strategies To Reduce the Risk of Fraud

Online fraud poses enormous risks, many financial institutions don’t have the procedures and effective systems in place to tackle fraud. No anti-fraud procedure is 100% foolproof. Regardless of that, there are some anti-fraud strategies around including 5 key steps that can help in fighting multiple cases of fraud. Fraud is Growing in Quality and Quantity […]

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anti fraud strategies

Wire Transfers and Best Practices to Avoid Wire Transfer Fraud

All of us have heard the term wire transfer being thrown around in fancy movies and shows. Wire transfer is one of the most popular methods of moving money from one place to another. In actuality, do you know what is wire transfer and how do wire transfer work? Whether you’re sending the money to […]

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how to avoid wire transfer fraud

Ali Dia: Premier League’s Most Well Known Fraudster

The OG football fans know all about Ali Dia, and why wouldn’t they? Ali Dia became famous among the premier league fans globally with just one match. Not for the good reasons though, he played for a good 53 minutes and it was clear that Ali Dia wasn’t built for football. Let’s go deeper into […]

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Ali Dia Fraudster

Why Reliable Digital Document Verification Services are Vital for Business Operations?

Digital transformation is at an all-time high and all the organizations are switching to digital methods instead of physical ones. The process of digitization has sped up due to the global pandemic and businesses being forced to operate using online methods. With more and more customer interactions taking place online, the potential for online fraud […]

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why do business need document verification