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Quickly and seamlessly verify supplier documents with DIRO

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Why it’s important to know your supplier

Knowing who your supplier is and if they can be trusted is a practice every business should adopt. DIRO supplier verification solution is aimed to help businesses, government entities, and others to verify supplier documents quickly and accurately.

Reduce supplier verification costs, manual onboarding errors, and supplier fraud

DIRO provides a single flexible document verification portal that integrates seamlessly with your website. Allowing you to deliver an improved onboarding experience to your suppliers, and prevent supplier fraud for your business.

195+ countries

DIRO document verification works in 195+ countries. Authenticate supplier bank documents, proof of address, and incorporation documents in real-time.

50,000+ data sources

Verify in real-time bank accounts, bank statements, utility bills, corporate documents, and original documents directly from 50,000+ sources.

Real-time verification

DIRO allows supplier document verification in real-time with proof of verification. Businesses can deliver superior onboarding experience while ensuring fraud prevention.

Problem with current supplier due diligence process

Insufficient supplier due diligence efforts expose businesses to high risk, money laundering, and financial crimes. It is particularly important to verify bank account documents of suppliers, like bank letters, before paying invoices, to avoid payments in error and to prevent money laundering. Therefore, bank account verification is an instrumental step in supplier KYB (Know Your Business).


DIRO allows businesses to verify suppliers’ bank accounts, proof of address, and incorporation documents in real-time. This helps to eliminate fake and stolen documents when onboarding new suppliers.

Why DIRO for supplier onboarding?

Manual onboarding and verification of suppliers is time-consuming and is prone to errors.

DIRO facilitates seamless vendor document verification and vendor onboarding with real-time verification. With DIRO supplier document verification solution, businesses can verify any online document from any source globally.

Global coverage

DIRO’s patented solution offers coverage in 195+ countries and can authenticate proof of address, utility bill, incorporation documents, and more from any web source. Verify all online documents with user permission. Verify documents with access to more than 50,000+ banks, utility companies, credit bureaus, and government portals in real-time.

Easy to use with one-click API

Verify supplier bank accounts, incorporation documents, and proof of address with a single click.

100% KYB compliance with DIRO

1. Risk-free

Make your business 100% risk-free by verifying supplier bank accounts, proof of address documents, incorporation certificates, and other documents during supplier onboarding. Eliminate the use of fake and altered documents.

2. Comply with local regulations

DIRO powers your businesses to comply with local rules and regulations seamlessly. With instant verification and proof of verification, comply with local KYB regulations and requirements.

3. Seamless process

Get rid of manual verifications and the risk that comes with having humans in the loop trying to verify documents. DIRO’s online document verification empowers businesses to seamlessly verify suppliers before onboarding.

4. Global coverage

100% accurate supplier verification by verifying original documents from 44,000+ banks, 9,000+ utilities, and, 700+ government sources in 195+ countries. DIRO allows businesses all over the globe to verify suppliers.

3 reasons why you need DIRO’s supplier verification solution

1. Prevent financial fraud

Verify and onboard suppliers from all over the world and prevent financial fraud. Verify bank accounts, proof of address, and other data to eliminate the risk of fraud.

2. Build stronger relationships

With an instant and seamless verification process, DIRO allows you to build stronger partnerships with your suppliers with improved user experience.

3. Zero hassle

DIRO’s instant and seamless document verification process makes it easy to verify and onboard suppliers. No more long waiting times, no more risk of fraud, and no more manual errors.

Prevent risk with DIRO supplier verification

DIRO’s supplier verification is the best pick when it comes to ease of use and efficiency of verification, accessing original documents from trusted sources. By integrating DIRO’s document verification API into your process, businesses can improve the user experience, bring automation in supplier onboarding, and onboard suppliers faster, and more.

DIRO facilitates real-time document verification for seamless KYB checks and supplier onboarding. With user consent, submitted documents get captured and authenticated directly from the issuing source. This eliminates the use of fake, stolen, and tampered documents.

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