Open banking

DIRO enables financial institutions to authenticate bank accounts in real-time.

With greater financial transparency, DIRO provides improved access to the financial sector in 195 countries.

DIRO’s instant bank account verification solution help you to improve the user experience and enhance your KYC, KYB, and AML processes.

DIRO’s open banking API can verify consumer and enterprise data such as name, address, account number, service date, and transaction data.

The output is a machine readable JSON file. Our API allows for real-time verifications that can be directly to your decision engine for an improved user experience by 7x.

DIRO can instantly verify any bank information with automated user consent and impersonation check in 195 countries.

DIRO’s open banking API

Financial institutions around the world are obligated to verify their customers’ bank accounts to determine source of funds. DIRO’s open banking API can assist you to verify customers’ bank accounts and transactional data in real-time.

DIRO’s open banking API can be integrated into your website, or mobile app, to onboard customers instantly. Furthermore, our solution will help to eliminate fake and forged documents.

Regulatory bodies are advising the use of API to verify the authenticity of customers to stay compliant with KYC, KYB, and AML directives.

DIRO’s open banking API keys are easy and simple to integrate. It also ensures security with automated user consent and impersonation check.

With DIRO’s open banking solution, we help customers to securely share their bank, utility, and government data with financial institutions in real-time

Why use DIRO’s open banking API?

Ease of use 

DIRO’s open banking API is optimized to enhance the user experience during customer onboarding, preventing fraud, and comply with regulatory directives. Verifying the authenticity of data and the customer is simple and effortless.

Eliminate fraudsters 

DIRO’s proprietary open banking API instantly detects and prevents the use of fake and stolen documents during customer onboarding. It helps financial institutions to stay compliant and eliminate the risk of fraud.

Reliable verifications 

DIRO’s open banking API captures customers’ documents, such as bank statement, utility bill, and tax return directly from the original sources. It provides proof of authentication, backed by verifiable credentials, through blockchain technology (tamper and hacker-proof).

Instant verification 

Customer documents are verified instantly, therefore eliminating the customer waiting time during the onboarding process. This improves the overall customer experience with up to 7x.

Eliminate need for manual document verification 

Manual document verification is outdated, tedious, and has a huge rate of false positives. Onboarding customers using manual document verification often takes 3-5 business days leading to a poor customer experience. 

DIRO’s open banking API can enhance the customer onboarding process while eliminating the risk of fraud. With DIRO’s online bank account verification API, proof of address verification API, and document verification API, customer onboarding can happen instantly. The data is captured directly from private and government sources.

FAQ about DIRO’s open banking API

What’s an open banking API?

DIRO’s open banking API is a tool that can be integrated into your website or mobile app and verify the authenticity of bank, utility, and government data during customer onboarding online.

How do open banking API keys work?

DIRO’s open banking API help financial institutions to verify customer documents during online onboarding. DIRO lets you verify bank statement, utility bill, income verification, proof of employment, and government documents in real-time.

How accurate is the verification process?

DIRO’s open banking API verifies customer documents instantaneously by capturing data directly from the original source. It prevents the user from tampering or manipulating any of the data. The data has the same provenance as if DIRO has built direct APIs with all banks, utilities, and governments around the world.

DIRO’s patented technology captures data directly from the trusted source and the output is court-admissible. Furthermore, the data is provable, reportable, and auditable to meet regulatory requirements.

How can DIRO’s bank account verification API prove identities?

DIRO’s open banking solution authenticate documents as it allows clients to access banks, utility companies, and government portals with automated user consent and impersonation check, often using 2FA/MFA at login. 

Indirectly, the solution helps you to verify identities with bank-grade KYC data. This help you to eliminate the risk of fake or stolen driver licenses and passports that you may have captured during onboarding.

How long does it take to verify bank accounts?

DIRO’s consumer and corporate bank account verification API helps banks, payment providers, crypto exchanges, and others to verify customers in real-time.