For the first time in Internet's history,
we can now share original documents online

DIRO's technology captures original documents online directly from the original source. It holds a stronger proof of information authenticity than sharing and verifying original copies in person or uploading copies online. DIRO then stores this document fingerprint on the blockchain, which makes it provable, reportable, and auditable ‐ in other words, DIRO has created an immutable evidence of trust.

How it works?

Impersonation Check
Secure Browser
Trusted environment
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 Private data
Website certificate
Verify tampering

From original source

Impersonation check

DIRO lets users login to any private website globally and authenticate without having to share their passwords with anyone. It allows any two factor authentication, challenge questions or even a password retry / recovery process directly on the website.

The system acts as a unified impersonation check across countries and  institutions by turning every third-party website into a global identity verification service.

Secure browser

(Trusted execution environment)

DIRO provides a shielded environment as a secure virtual browser. This isolates the client side network and the device. This makes the system secure and tamper proof. The user sessions are private and ephemeral.

Original Source

DIRO captures the underlying website security certificate (SSL/TLS) that makes it possible to have online banking and ecommerce on the Internet. It’s a battle tested technology for over 20 years that helps distinguish between a fake website from a genuine one.

Private data and consent

This allows access to private data behind firewalls using customer consent. It is powered by the right to access your own data under GDPR and other consumer rights.

DNS, IP, logs and trace of original source

DIRO captures the original source along with all the available forensic data, like the user information, and combines it with the webpage as a court-admissible and immutable evidence.

Full web snapshot

DIRO not only captures the full-screenshots but also the complete digitally native HTML content. It does not need OCR and therefore can also be translated to any language with no data entry errors.

Original document

It combines the original source with the webpage along with the forensic data and generates a completely tamper-proof, immutable original document that is even stronger than physical originals.


A checksum (SHA-3) of the snapshot is a digital fingerprint which changes, if anything in the document changes. A copy of the checksum is immutably stored on a public blockchain without exposing the document itself.

Patented Technology