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tick   Instant Bank Verification. All Banks.
tick   Proof of Address. All Utilities Companies.
tick   Identities of consumers and corporations.
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Verifications in real-time

Bank Account Verification
Any bank, any country, instantaneously.
Bank Statement Verification
Directly from the source with traceroute and forensics.
Identity Verification
Verify the user identity via bank, utility and government data.
Utility Bill Verification
Any electricity, gas, cable, water or telecom globally.
Incorporation Verification
Verify good standing directly from government source.
Crypto Account Verification
Any crypto custodian, exchange, or wallet.
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Customer onboarding
Allow customers to verify their bank accounts securely, in a matter of seconds, using their login credentials. By integrating with DIRO, customers can be up and running on the same day.
Instantly authenticate bank accounts for consumers and businesses both domestic and international. Eliminate the risk of account error, incorrect name, and confirm good standing.
Provide borrowers with an easy and streamlined loan experience and lenders with access to bank data to make informed loan decisions in real-time.
Verify user identities using bank, utility, credit bureau and government data with built-in impersonation checks (bank-grade KYC).
Credit report
Instant verification of credit scores and credit reports directly from the industry leaders with full global coverage. Authentication in real-time.
Proof of Address
Instant verification of utility statements and data for proof of address. All electricity, gas, cable, water and telecom companies globally
Merchant onboarding (KYB)
Allow merchants to verify their bank accounts securely, in a matter of seconds using their login credentials. By integrating with DIRO, merchants can be verified instantly, any bank, any country.
Vendor onboarding (KYB)
Allow vendors to authenticate bank accounts, proof of address and incorporate documents in real-time to eliminate fake and stolen credentials.
Incorporation documents (KYB)
Allow companies to verify their incorporation documents and good standing directly from government web sources globally.

Global coverage

DIRO's patented solution has 100% global coverage and can authenticate data from any web-source.
With user permission, access all banks, utility companies, credit bureaus, and government portals.
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Together we build the future of fintech.

Miles paschini Fv Bank Logo commas
DIRO's instant bank account verification and proof of address solution helps us to improve the user experience and enhances our KYC and AML processes.
Miles Paschini
CEO, FV Bank
Nitin Pay Global Logo commas
With DIRO's permission-based bank account verification solution we approve international clients in real-time.
Nitin Agarwal
CEO, PayGlobal
FCA Logo
Participated in UK Government's FCA Sandbox for KYC (London).
CityBank Logo
Won the most innovative fintech by Citibank in Asean (Singapore).
FinCen Logo
Invited by FinCEN among first 6 innovations globally (Washington D.C.).
Patent logo
Multiple global patents granted for
IDV and Document Verification.
FVS Logo
Backed by leading VC in Silicon Valley focused on fintech (San Francisco).
INV logo
Most innovative global fintech at Bank Innovation Ignite (Seattle).