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AML Technologies: Helping Businesses Stay Compliant

For most people, money laundering is a crime that just happens in movies, TV shows as it doesn’t have anything to do with them. Unfortunately, money laundering is a huge problem for businesses all over the globe. Other types of financial fraud are also common for businesses, especially financial services and FinTechs that allow users […]

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aml technologies

API zur Verifizierung des Bankkontos: Welche Möglichkeiten hat Ihr Unternehmen?

Der Online-Zahlungs- und ACH-Branche fehlt die Autorisierungskomponente, die normalerweise bei Kreditkarten verfügbar ist. Im Gegensatz zu Kreditkarten, bei denen Benutzer autorisieren können, während sie die Zahlung der Kunden über ihre Karten vornehmen, kann die ACH- und Scheckverarbeitung die Bankkontoverifizierungs-API erfordern, um das Zahlungsrisiko zu mindern. Wenn wir über das Onboarding neuer Kunden sprechen, kann ein […]

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api . zur Verifizierung des Bankkontos

Avoiding Money Laundering Risks in Cryptocurrency Industry

In a couple of years, cryptocurrencies have exploded and are being used for transactions around the world. Due to its core nature of anonymity and lack of regulation, the cryptocurrency industry soon became the hub for illegal activities, the majority of which consisted of money laundering. Since the industry was being targeted heavily, crypto businesses, […]

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Avoid Risk of Money Laundering

KYC & AML Guide for Crypto Businesses

Money laundering is a huge threat to the global economy and unfortunately, cryptocurrency has become the magnet for fraudsters looking to launder money with minimal friction. Ever since it started growing, the crypto industry has become holy ground for money laundering and terrorist funding. To disrupt the flow of money laundering and terrorist funding, regulatory […]

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KYC & AML Guide for Crypto

eID Verification Process and Client Onboarding for Financial Institutions

eID verification offers endless benefits for financial institutions, but the biggest thing it helps with is eliminating the risk of financial fraud. To streamline the transactions, customer verification, and client onboarding, eIDAS is vital. It is almost impossible for individuals or business owners to get time out of their schedule to go to banks and […]

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eid verification

Future of Digital Onboarding, Security and Open Banking

Open banking is perfect for changing the environment of the API economy. For the finance and banking industries, as well as payments, insurance, and marketing, open banking offers a whole new scenario in the digital economy. Open banking can offer innovation, disrupt the traditional banking market and greater efficiency inspires optimism, but still, there are […]

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Open Banking

Crypto Regulations 2021: How Digital Currency Providers Can Stay Compliant?

Since cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has become mainstream, a lot of industry patterns have changed. Bitcoin’s sudden success in 2019 became the reason for the development of more than 2,000 cryptocurrencies. There is mixed opinion about the trail of digital funds, most governments are hesitant about the use of cryptocurrencies. Digital assets (cryptocurrencies) offer anonymity, […]

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cryptocurrency regulations 2021

Top Use Cases of Blockchain Technology in the Banking Industry

Blockchain or DLT (distributed ledger technology) is an open ledger that keeps track of transactions between two parties permanently. A blockchain is made up of multiple individual blocks all tied up to each other in a specific order. All the involved parties can share the online ledger using a computer network without any middlemen or […]

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top use cases of blockchain in banking industry

Know Your Customer Compliance: How Much Does It Cost To Verify Customers?

Trust goes both ways, both the customers and businesses need to trust each other for maintaining a healthy relationship. Even in the digital age, earning trust is crucial. If a brand can offer trust in all its services, customers will stay loyal to the product and services. With the heaps of data breaches and financial […]

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Customer Due Diligence: Moving from KYC to KYB

Banking is one sector that is always profitable but is also constantly surrounded by fraudsters. Frauds, as well as compliance risks, are often complicated and intricate. To combat the fraud, banks and financial institutions are spending a huge amount to keep up with KYC compliance. The average cost of KYC compliance yearly is close to […]

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KYC to KYB Compliance