Verification of credit report

The problem:

A credit report submitted by a consumer or business can easily be tampered with by simple Photoshop. In other words, there’s no way you can verify a PDF that gets submitted in an onboarding workflow. This expose your business to unnecessary and high risk.

The solution:

DIRO provides real-time verification of consumer and business credit reports. With user consent, credit reports get captured and authenticated directly from the credit bureau’s original source. This eliminate fake, stolen and tampered credit reports.

With DIRO, you can automate with machine-readable JSON file for real-time verifications. This removes the need for human reviews and OCR errors. As a result, real-time verification improves the Ux by 7x.

DIRO’s solution makes it possible for international financial institutions such as banks, payment providers, and crypto companies to have global coverage for regulatory compliance that otherwise was difficult or not possible.

Credit report
Verified credit report, score, data directly from source
Proof of identity
Successfull login with verified live data

Verify identity based on credit bureau data and built-in impersonation check