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Open Finance and Changing Role of a Bank Manager

The digital revolution in the banking industry has been put into overdrive since the pandemic, and many sectors are changing customer landscapes. Business banking is no exception. Banks are now facing growing pressure to introduce new processes in line with customers’ heightened expectations.  One finance can transform SMB banking by replacing traditional manual processes. It […]

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role of bank manager in Open Finance

FinTech 2022 – A Brief Insight into Global KYC Regulations

Financial services globally are heavily regulated by regulated bodies. The number one concern of the government about FinTech companies is the growing rate of fraud. Over the years, FinTechs have achieved incredible growth and flexibility. They can launch new services quickly, focus on scalability and adapt fast. Although, the rapid growth of FinTechs doesn’t come […]

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kyc regulatory

Digital Account Opening and BSA Teams

Small and large businesses are the same as they are required to follow the same Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) regulations. The associated costs and workload are manageable for big institutions with big teams, but it’s tough for smaller compliance teams. Fortunately, by implementing digital compliance tools, banks of all sizes can enhance their compliance procedures. […]

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BSA Teams

Proof of Address Guide in US, UK, and Canada

Moving to a new country? Opening a new bank account is one of the first things that you need to do, as there’s no way to survive without money. To open a new bank account in the US, all you need is a driver’s license or a state-issued photo ID. Opening a bank account, or […]

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proof of address in us, uk, canada

What is Blockchain? How does it Work in Favor of Business?

Blockchain for business is invaluable for entities that transact with each other. The distributed ledger technology allows participants to access the same information at any time to improve efficiency, build trust and remove friction. Blockchain also allows businesses to rapidly scale and perform various tasks across industries. Blockchain for small business offer four main benefits: […]

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blockchain for business

Online Payments: Reinventing Customer Experiences

The idea of the digital economy has been around for a long time, but the Covid-19 pandemic finally pushed the idea into a reality. Several businesses have made the idea possible by launching digital financial products and services. Before the pandemic, online payments were becoming highly famous among customers. Cash payments have been steadily declining […]

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Online Payments reinventing customer experiences

How Digital ID Verification Can Mitigate Crypto Fraud

Cryptocurrencies have seen incredible growth in the last decade and they are emerging as a mainstream market and a viable investment choice. Digital currency has become more famous since the Covid-19 pandemic. While the pandemic has ruined the growth of many industries, it has advanced and expanded the use of online banking and digital payment […]

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ID Verification in Reducing Crypto Fraud

Identifying Fake Bank Statements: How to Fight Fraudulent Applications

Prospective tenants, bank account openers, and other bad actors can use fake bank statements to commit a series of illegal activities. While fraudsters are getting smarter, they also utilize technologies to make near-perfect bank statements. Manual verification methods can’t keep up with the standards set up by bad actors. Identifying fake bank statements is the […]

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Doing Business in Brazil: Here’s All You Need to Know

The times are changing and businesses want to reach global markets. The increasing interactions and transactions with people around the globe. All this is supported by the latest advancement in communications and information technology. The major driving forces behind globalization are “shipping, data, and capital flows”, businesses can use these to their advantage to enter […]

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Secure Online Payment Processing Practices: Protecting Customers and Businesses from Risk

Fraudsters are always looking to exploit the weak points in a system, be it ordinary banking activities or online payment. Shoppers can’t just stop making online payments due to the fear of being exposed. Customers deserve a smooth, friction-free, and secure payment experience and it’s the responsibility of a business to make that environment. To […]

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Secure Online Payment Processing