DIRO for a Faster Customer Onboarding Process

How you handle customer onboarding sets the tone for your partnership with the customer. Potential customers will drop the process if you have a clunky and slow onboarding process. This is why it is important for businesses to carefully build a robust customer onboarding process. It does more than offer a good customer experience, it helps in boosting revenue, security, and more.

Customers are a crucial part of any business, so it makes sense that their onboarding process should be as smooth as possible. If your customer doesn’t like the way you’re handling the onboarding process, they’ll soon lose interest in your product/service.

DIRO is an emerging business that aims to improve every single part of the customer onboarding process. With a range of use cases and services, DIRO can add speed, security, and efficiency to the customer onboarding process.

Why is the Customer Onboarding Process Important?

Before you understand how DIRO can streamline your customer onboarding process, you need to understand why the process is crucial.

Any business needs a steady number of customers coming in each month to survive. If they have a poor customer onboarding process, they’ll lose more than half of their potential customers.

Consumers of today want seamless experiences and fast results. If a customer has to wait for minutes just for a contact form to open up, they’ll abandon the process altogether.

So, to generate revenue, and boost the brand reputation, businesses need to build every part of the onboarding process carefully.

Build a Customer Onboarding Plan

It becomes easy to build an onboarding process when you know what the end goal is. While keeping this goal in mind, start developing a process in your mind. All your efforts should be dedicated to fulfilling that goal. 

In most cases, the goal is to onboard a new customer and get them to use your service. Businesses can build an effective customer onboarding process by breaking the process into smaller processes:

1. Choose a Demographic

This is a step that a lot of businesses skip, or overlook. Understanding this part is crucial for developing a customer onboarding plan. The truth is that not everyone wants your service, so there’s no point in casting a wide net.

You want customers who need your service. So, choose a demographic or a series of demographics where you want to promote your services. A demographic also means targeting the right age group.

2. Understand the Market

If you don’t have an understanding of your market, your business will never succeed. Understand the ups and downs of the market and then build customer onboarding strategies. Not every market is suitable for your product, and you should know it.

3. Give Value Proposition

Once your product/service is out in the market. You need to start sharing the value that the product is offering. You’ve already completed the toughest task if you can tell your customers why they should jump onto your product/service.

4. Communicate Well

After you’ve finally onboarded a customer, you need to keep in touch with them. Staying in touch with customers serves two purposes, the first one is providing feedback regarding the product, and the second one is providing ideal customer service.

5. Stay Relevant

The world of technologies is ever-changing, there are always some changes. So, as a business, you should always try to keep up with new technologies. Especially the ones that can enhance the customer experience. Staying relevant is a great way to onboard new customers and retain old ones.

How DIRO Makes Customer Onboarding Easier?

Although customer onboarding remains an ever-prevalent challenge for most businesses, it can be streamlined a little with the right technologies.

Currently, the biggest challenge companies face while onboarding customers is verifying documents. There are not too many ways to verify if documents presented by customers are legit or not. This becomes a major concern for businesses under the financial industry umbrella. 

So, DIRO helps businesses of all kinds in verifying online customer documents with global coverage. Verify bank accounts, proof of address documents, utility bills, KYC, and KYB documents, and others to streamline the onboarding process.

DIRO can verify over 9,000 document types instantly by verifying documents directly from the issuing source. DIRO can boost the overall customer experience by reducing the time taken in document verification during onboarding.

You can contact us today if you’re interested in learning how DIRO can help you make the customer onboarding process faster. Moreover, DIRO online document verification can reduce the risk of onboarding fraudsters. As DIRO eliminates the use of fake and stolen customer documents by 100%.