International Client Verification: Verifying Customer Identity Online

The growth of digital banking platforms and online solutions is the key for businesses to grow by onboarding international customers. Remote international client onboarding costs businesses the most time and causes the most problems. Banks that extend their services outside of their domestic region, tend to lack the resources for verifying customer data. Complicated KYC and due diligence processes with tough technological solutions lead to an increased customer drop-off rate. 

Even if a customer wants to sign up with an international bank, financial institution, or any other industry, a complicated onboarding process is never worth their time. To complete the process, organizations need to employ seamless online ID and document verification solutions. There’s no way to manually verify international customer data, online document verification is the key to online document verification.

Accurate international addresses and document verification help reduce the cost of manual verification of data. Being able to verify international data means lower costs and an improved rate of customer onboarding. Using technological solutions like DIRO, banks, financial institutions, and other industries can verify customer data in an instant while reducing friction.

Why Is International Customer Verification Needed?

A business can quickly expand its business reach by building strong KYC techniques and strategies. Employing efficient online customer verification solutions can improve the international customer onboarding experience.

According to surveys and reports, 1 out of every 10 customers drops out of the onboarding process because of an overly complex process, distrust in the process, or just poor customer experience. Some businesses don’t even try to venture into unidentified markets because of their lack of ideal solutions. 

To broaden the customer base and improve the brand reputation, it is vital for brands to onboard customers internationally. It is not possible to do so without the use of a proper online identity verification solution.

Benefits of Online Document Verification

  1. Lower Friction

DIRO online document verification solution can be integrated with your website, the user can be asked for ID Information right there. It can provide instant results for verified documents. This means, no friction, no hold-up time, and little to no burden for the users. 

  1. Reduce Administrative Overhead

Having your team manually request and process ID documents is a time-consuming process. This manual process can be bypassed if documents can be verified in an instant using the business website. Manual document verification, however, requires too much friction and can lead to errors as some documents may be too sophisticated to distinguish by the human eye. 

  1. Improve Security of Customer Onboarding

Using physical documents or online copies of a document can open your business to the risk of fraud. Most documents that are used for verification are unencrypted and can be seen by others. DIRO’s document verification technology is backed by multi-factor authentication and strong impersonation checks that can reduce fraud.

How Does DIRO Enhance International Customer Onboarding Experience?

Even after the best technological solutions, verifying international customers during onboarding is incredibly tricky. There are a variety of factors that can cause friction during international customer onboarding.

By employing DIRO’s customer onboarding technology, businesses can verify online documents in an instant. DIRO can verify 5000+ types of documents from all over the globe. The technology provides 100% proof of authentication on verified documents. The proof of authentication can be used as a court-admissible document with forensic data.